We know that our clients look to optimize their resources. By taking advantage of existing legislation and current criteria, in an always law-abiding fashion, our company works to obtain taxation criteria that will benefit and/or make the compliance of their fiscal obligations faster and more efficient.

As an example, during this year we have achieved the following criteria, thus saving our clients significant amounts of money.

  • Obtaining of criteria which consider the water from slaughterhouses as being used for cattle production purposes, therefore  exempting it from corresponding duty payments.
  • Refunds  of unduly paid  importation taxes on merchandise which had an incorrect tax classification.
  • 29 nullity and protection from unconstitutional resolution trials won during 2003-2008.

On a different note, our work in Congress allows us to anticipate legislative changes imposed in tax  legislation each year. This lets us deactivate or tone down some of these modifications, or in some cases,  prepare to challenge them in writs of amparo proceedings, sufficiently in advance.