At CORPORATIVO DE SERVICIOS LEGALES, S.C. we specialize in corporate solutions. Our 26 years in business have provided us with the experience and knowledge necessary to present our cases comprehensively, if needed, before the three Branches of Government.

Our experience allows us to offer our clients solutions to practically any problem, with any Executive and Legislative Branch office.

Our Services Corporation adds value to our clients through the adecuate use of their rights, making use of legal facilities and advantages not previously used, solving specific irregularities and even modifying legislation and authority criteria.

We generate positive results in reduced time frames by using our internal structure, which extends from paperwork (permit) assistance, lobbying– both intermediate government level negotiations, and lobbying at higher government and congress levels, and as a last resort, we use our legal area in court.

Our structure is made up of professionals in the following areas: law, paralegals, tax specialists, foreign trade, economist and occasionally foreign consultants previously qualified by us. Also people with experience in negotiations and lobbying in order to offer our clients high level, talented personnel who possess the adecuate performance necessary to reach our goals. All of this, together with our work’s quality and methodology, allow us to meet and surpass our client’s expectations.

We cooperate with our clients, as far as their problems and needs are concerned, since what benefits them is also proportionally beneficial to us. This way we commit ourselves to solving any case, thus adding value to the companies we serve.